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We are a Poland-based group of software / ux houses, venture capital funds and startups_




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Our companies are divided into three groups_

Software / UX Houses

A software house that for the last 20 years has been building, implementing, and developing advanced IT systems. By creating software for a project that has become one of the largest international logistics platforms (Trans.eu group), we became a part of the digital transformation of the European transport and logistics sector. Our ground principles are high quality and full engagement. We are backed by 150 developers with experience in building and maintaining highly scalable systems.


– Agile Product Development
– Enterprise Integration
– Cloud Journey
– Data & Search



phone: +48 532 626 248

email: aleksander.dytko@rst.com.pl


Software house specializing in creating JavaScript-based applications for mobile, web, desktop. We build stron relationships with our partners, we work with them, not only for them. We want our clients to be proud of the technological solutions that we deliver. There is no challenge too hard for us.


– UX & UI Design
– Web Development
– Mobile Development




A company that creates apps for business and marketing (digital marketing, mobile). We have realised hundreds of different projects—from simple WordPress implementations to booking systems, survey systems, webstores, and CRM platforms.


– E-commerce
– Digital marketing applications
– Dedicated applications
– Programming outsourcing



phone: +48 790 212 276

email: info@effectivity.pl


A software house creating web apps based on Microsoft technologies, with the use of Azure and Angular public cloud technology. Our projects are realised by highly qualified experts. We provide help in understanding the issue by conducting Digital Transformation consultations, and by proposing suitable solutions.


– Digital Transformation Consulting
– Software Delivery
– Team Extension



phone: +48 504 377 138

email: office@clevergrapes.com


Usability LAB – UX solutions for business based on the user-centred design and latest technologies. The design process and tools are selected for individual sets of business needs. We also change them during the project to flexibly adapt to our customer’s needs.


– UX & UI Design
– Service Design
– User tests



phone: +48 532 626 248

email: aleksander.dytko@rst.com.pl


Startup accelerator and its startups

A startup accelerator investing local, private capital in SaaS, B2B, and software+hardware companies. We share our knowledge. The fund has stopped active investments in the portfolio of five products. Currently, it executes the ownership supervision and manages exit strategies.


– Investing in SaaS, B2B, software + hardware startups
– Knowledge transfer



A company that offers a mobile system and calendar for property booking. We provide a simple and intuitive tool for hiring property, which is commonly used by owners of one to several properties, as well as by those looking for an apartment for hire for a short term.


– A mobile system and a booking calendar



A proxy manager of properties for short-time hire. Our platform enables short-time hire of apartments in Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Szklarska Poreba, Swieradow Zdroj, and Zakopane. We manage apartments for hire 24/7. We take care of guest service, cleaning, technical condition, and bill settlement.


– Properties hiring
– Comprehensive rental management



A network of self-service printers in nearly 200 spots in Poland and in Germany. We ensure full data privacy, intuitive use, and comfortable methods of payment. Individual customers can use our printers 24/7. Business partners (cafes) can attract customers thanks to this extra service.


– A chain of public, self-service printers available 24/7



A company that facilitates the provision of meals as benefits for employees. We help in entering into co-operation with restaurants, and we provide modern technologies, which can be used by employees to order meals, while the payment process is fast and comfortable. We make sure that the ordered food arrives on time and to the right spot on company premises. We take care of every step of corporate catering.


– Corporate catering management (ordering, accounting, quality rating)




A company facilitating long-term car rental online. Without unnecessary paperwork, we deliver the car to the customer at no extra fee. Our offer includes only new cars with standard equipment.


– Long-term renting of new cars



An app combining Google Spreadsheets with Web, Mobile, IoT, or any other service API. We enable you to collect data from WWW (creating forms and Google spreadsheets) into a single, easy to analyse location. Codeless programming allows business users to handle daily tasks in a mobile app.


– Turn Google Spreadsheet into API
– Codeless mobile apps
– Lead collecting from WWW
– Low code webstites



Ventures for Earth and its startups

A Venture Capital fund investing in environmentally-conscious technology startups working for a better tomorrow of humans and the Earth. We build a local ecosystem of technological companies through capital investments and transfers of knowledge. We invest in software+hardware startups operating in the SaaS model. We are looking for leaders who want to change the surrounding world.



A marketplace on the industrial waste market. We believe that every piece of waste can be used in a better way, and that we can prolong its lifecycle and usability. By developing digital waste management, we support local entrepreneurship and look after the environment.


– A platform connecting companies that produce or buy industrial waste
– Pickup, reprocessing and recycling of industrial waste



A company offering onboarding sessions for HORECA employees in the form of Story clips (app mobile). We facilitate the onboarding of new hires in a sector that’s suffering from high staff turnover.


– A mobile instructing system for HORECA employees
– A simple tool for creating onboarding clips



A company that offers a plug-in introducing Excel functionalities to Word, including tables and charts. We enable you to create smart documents based on data. Flexible and user-friendly.


– A micro-SaaS plug-in that lets you put calculations directly inside the text



A plug-in responsible for exchange of data between e-commerce systems and ERP or database systems. We guarantee automation and faster order completion.


– Integration of ERP or database systems with e-shops and marketplaces



The creator of the Rapid Prototyping Platform. Thanks to our platform, you can create hardware way faster than with the use of existing systems.


– Quick prototyping and hardware creating



We commit ourselves to the development of high-quality software, progress and environmentally-conscious thinking_

We have a shared vision of development and we know where we're going.

RST Group

We have a shared vision of development and we know where we're going.

We exchange knowledge to enable other companies to develop faster.

RST Group

We exchange knowledge to enable other companies to develop faster.

We've started 20 years ago
and we're still looking for new challenges_


Currently, the RST Group comprises 18 companies focused on creating technology-oriented products. 

Our plans for the future involve further development, as well as acquiring capital from private investors.


From the idea of investing in startups, we have been also looking for a way to acquire additional funds for their development. 

We succeed in 2018 by establishing the Ventures for Earth fund with an initial capital of 30 million PLN.


We decide to use generated profits to invest in third-party startups and other software houses. 

This leads to the creation of Lift-Off – a startup accelerator with an initial capital of 3 million PLN. Meanwhile another software houses – KMP (currently Software Brothers), Effectivity and Usability LAB – joins our group.


We make another step forward and rebrand ourselves to RST Pomysły i Technologie. 

We create a team with a main task of generating new products. And that’s how from various ideas Bedbooking was born – our very first startup that has been successfully operating on the market to this day.


Trans marketplace is founded and an IM communicator for the transport industry is created. 

In the same year, the company gets re-named and new operational strategy is formulated. We wanted to be a company that invents a product, and then extracts a separate company to handle it.


Our history begins from an Internet cafe in Swidnica and FireZone PC game.

Two young programming enthusiasts start their adventure with IT during long afterschool meetings. It’s the beginning of RST – Rising Sun Technologies – because the best ideas came at sunrise.

We invite other companies and investors to join our Group and share our vision_

We want to grow in an effective manner. That’s why we have created a group of agile and independent technological companies. We are open to diversity in order to uncover new directions.

Krzysztof Habowski, co-founder of RST Group

Krzysztof Habowski, co-founder of RST Group

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